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Tenant Coordinator
The Howard Hughes name is synonymous with entrepreneurial vision, tenacity and a pioneering spirit—values still embodied by The Howard Hughes Corporation today. While Hughes’ passion for aviation and the silver screen are legendary, it was his investment in real estate that forms the bedrock of the company.  At the core of our DNA, we believe we can Make Life Extraordinary.  We strive to embody these same qualities for every individual that our company touches, from stakeholders to partners, from consumer to shareholder.
We believe in “Thinking Big” at The Howard Hughes Corporation.   We demand excellence and an unrelenting dedication to success.  Our mission is to be the pre-eminent developer and operator of master planned communities and mixed-use properties in the United States.  We create timeless places and memorable experiences that inspire people while driving sustainable, long-term growth and value. We create environments where people want to live, work, shop, dine and play from coast to coast.
Work in conjunction with the Senior Project Manager, Tenant Coordination and the Project Team to manage the Tenant Coordination efforts of Office and Retail tenant improvement projects consisting of multiple stakeholders.  Candidate is to possess leadership, communication, analytical and problem-solving skills ensuring Landlord and Tenant work, schedule, design, permitting, construction and overall quality meets the project standards and expectations.  Ability to lead and manage multiple construction efforts in a high pressure, fast-paced environment is critical.  Candidate will act as the Landlord’s representative to outside stake holders including but not limited to: TDLR, Montgomery county, Harris county, local municipal utility districts, local health department and other local governmental authorities and constituents having authority, Tenants and their teams, requiring clear, concise and professional verbal and written communication at all times.  Additionally, candidate may act as Tenants’ representative to internal departments including but not limited to:  Leasing, Development, Construction, Design and Production; and Company executives on an as needed bases. 
  • Utilize Company and department mandated IT applications to manage projects.
  • Communication, verbal and written, with Tenants, Tenant’s design and construction teams, project team members, internal and external executives.
  • Communication, verbal and written, with governmental agencies having authority.
  • Communicate timely & effectively, the technical requirements of the project to the Tenants’ design team and/or representative.
  • Communicate timely & effectively the project’s procedural requirements to the Tenants’ design team and/or representative.
  • Develop thorough knowledge of the project’s architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, fire alarm, security protocols and systems and other project requirements.
  • Develop thorough working knowledge of the governing construction codes.
  • Review shell building documents to ensure premises delivery standards are consistent with lease agreement and project delivery standards.  Resolve all conflicts with project team.
  • Review Landlord Work Exhibits (Exhibit B or C) and determine conflicts, if any.  Communicate conflict resolution options to the Leasing and Development Group as needed and provide direction on modification/correction to shell building systems or architecture as necessary.
  • Review Tenant drawing submissions and communicate corrections and modifications needed to comply with design and construction requirements of the project.
  • Conduct field verification of Tenant premises to ensure completion of all agreed upon deliverables and facilitate/manage corrective actions as necessary.
  • Develop project specific policies and procedures to enhance project efficiencies to meet the project schedule (selection of contractors, permitting protocol, tracking mechanisms).
  • Coordinate and Monitor site access & logistics protocol and procedures.
  • Coordinate multiple architects, engineers, vendors and general contractors.
  • Coordinate multiple project schedules and ensure project dates meet the forecasted schedule.
  • Coordinate and /or facilitate Tenant project meetings, including but not limited to: Design “Kick-off”, Pre-construction and construction site meetings.
  • Coordinate, facilitate and tracking “Requests for Proposals” and “Requests for Information”.
  • Coordinate with internal and external design teams to ensure Tenants are designing and building to the design requirements.
  • Coordinate project information to all relevant project parties for effective and timely project communication.
  • Monitor and update the “Material Change Order Log” regularly, tracking required modification and /or changes inclusive of ceiling height, landlord work and other issues that may arise.
  • Monitor and track updates to GLA losses or gains within the project.
  • Monitor and enforce project safety standards.
  • Monitor and track additional Landlord Work for premises delivery requirements.
  • Monitor the installation of base building structural mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire/life safety and architectural elements to ensure the Premises delivery is in accordance with Tenant’s approved design and/or Lease obligations.
  • Attend regular Action Meetings with construction, development and/or leasing as may be directed by Senior Project Manager.
  • Provide solutions to floor plan issues and re-demise options, where needed.
  • All other responsibilities as may be determined by the needs of the project to meet the projected opening date and budgets.
  • This position may require extensive access to a construction site consisting of multiple buildings and multiple levels within each building.  Access to critical areas of the facility may require access by means of stairs and scaffolding only.
  • Minimum three (3) years of experience in a Project Management Position.
  • Experience in managing multiple tenant design and general contractor teams, inclusive of but not limited to motivating, organizing workflow, delegating, and providing direction or instructions.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills; verbal, written and visual.
  • Aptitude for attention to detail is critical.
  • Experience in communicating with governing authorities on major projects.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Knowledge of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, communications and fire protection systems.
  • Experience/Knowledge of architectural, construction and construction safety practices.
  • Knowledge of applicable local Construction Codes, local Health Code and ADA codes.
  • Experience in mixed-use projects consisting of office, retail and residential uses.
  • Working knowledge of AutoCAD, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Project.
  • Degree in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management and/or related fields preferred. Candidate with other degree background with experience and knowledge in this specific field and type of work may be considered.