Director Box Office, Guest Services & Security

New York

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Job Description

DIRECTOR OF BOX OFFICE, Guest Services & Security
Seaport District, NYC
The Howard Hughes name is synonymous with entrepreneurial vision, tenacity and a pioneering spirit, values that today are embodied by The Howard Hughes Corporation.  While Hughes’ passion for aviation and the silver screen are legendary, it was his visionary investment in real estate that forms the bedrock of the company today.  At the core of our DNA we believe we can Make Life Extraordinary.  For our people, for our stakeholders, for our shareholders and for the people that live, breathe, consume and experience our brand.
We believe in “Thinking Big” at The Howard Hughes Corporation.  We are driven by entrepreneurialism, a passion for excellence, and an unrelenting dedication to success.  Our mission is to be the pre-eminent developer and operator of master planned communities and mixed-use properties.  We create timeless places and memorable experiences that inspire people with driving sustainable, long-term growth and value for our shareholders.  We create environments where people want to live, work, shop, dine and play from coast to coast.
Howard Hughes Corporation, the nationally-recognized real estate company overseeing the re-development of New York City’s Seaport District envisions the re-positioning of the property as a magnet for attracting locals and visitors alike with a unique, year-round blend of entertainment, food and retail offerings.  The centerpiece of the Seaport District’s renaissance is an entirely re-imagined Pier 17 complex, featuring a one-of-a-kind outdoor Rooftop event and entertainment space with stunning views, designed for the presentation of high-profile headline concerts, corporate and private events, rentals, television events, and a Winter Village experience, among other programming.
The DIRECTOR OF BOX OFFICE, GUEST SERVICES & SECURITY will play an integral role in firmly establishing the Rooftop at Pier 17 as a premium multi-purpose entertainment venue that provides visiting artists, guests, business partners and corporate clients with memorable, world-class event experiences that are second to none.  A proven leader, operational expertise and creative vision is required to work collaboratively with the Managing Director to manage, present and produce a year-round combination of concerts, touring events, company-owned content, festivals, corporate events, galas, and other event showcases on the Rooftop at Pier 17, as well as other areas of the Seaport District, with the ultimate goal of driving significant revenues and positive exposure for the company.
  • Provide expert insights during the final phases of pre-opening preparation of Pier 17 and other Seaport District venues in close coordination with the Construction, Development, Operations and Event Sales Team(s). Includes development (design, construction and storage) of a Stage, Winter Village as well as design and construction of Support spaces (box office, production spaces, green room and dressing rooms).
  • Assist in the oversight, planning and management of a high profile, strategically positioned and branded opening for the Pier 17 Rooftop.
  • Identify, recruit, contract and manage partners and contractors for:
    • PT Event Staff
      • Security, Guest Services and Box Office
      • Food and Beverage, Concessions and Merchandise Companies
  • Assist in hiring, training, leading and managing all PT Event Staff.
    • Work closely with HR/Finance as it relates to PT in-house staff
    • Work closely with HR/Finance as it relates to 3rd party contracted services
    • Provide multiple training exercises for Staff (best practices, TEAM, etc.)
  • Assist in the design of uniforms and manage the storage/distribution of uniforms.
  • Work closely with the Food and Beverage Purveyor, Concessions and Merchandise Contractor(s).
  • Assist in the development of a Digital Strategy, including Web Site Development for Events on the Rooftop.
  • Develop an Event Manual for PT Event Staff.
  • Assist in the contract preparation, event estimating, inspections and execution for all Events
  • Assist in the weekly, monthly and annual P&L (profit and loss) statement and assist in Event settlements.
  • Assist in the Annual Operating/Capital/Event Budgeting process
  • Assist in the preparation of the Security and Emergency Management Plan.
    • Coordination with NYPD, FDNY, EMS, etc.
  • Prepare policies and procedures for day to day operations as well as event days.
  • Manage RFP for a ticketing vendor and entire ticketing process including Digital coordination, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Staffing, etc.
  • Manage all aspects of a Box Office including policies and procedures, staffing, etc.
  • The DIRECTOR OF SECURITY, GUEST SERVICES AND BOX OFFICE will be responsible for reporting to the Managing Director, Events & Entertainment, Seaport District, NYC, for ensuring that the Rooftop at Pier 17 and other HHC properties:
    • Contributes to the redefinition of South Street Seaport for local, national and international audiences.
    • Fully exploits the opportunity of unique space and location.
    • Drives traffic to the Seaport that supports and adds value to retail, restaurants, etc.
    • Caps an integrated environment, cultural and public programming strategy
    • Meets ambitious revenue and profitability targets.
    • Ensures that all Seaport properties are programmed with a year-long calendar of events and activities that maximizes the property’s value.
  • The successful candidate will have:
    • The highest level of Venue Management Skills
    • Contacts within the Events and Entertainment Industry
    • Experience in Security, Guest Services and Box Office/Ticketing Operations
    • Ability to manage relationships and partnerships
  • Demonstrated ability as entrepreneurial, motivated and motivating leader
  • Proven track record in successful events, entertainment and venue management.
  • Knowledge of and contacts in Stadiums, Arenas, Events and Entertainment Industries
  • Experience in managing salaried staff, hourly casual employees and union personnel.
  • Knowledge of New York market
  • Ability to work in a complex operating environment as part of a dispersed, ambitious management team working to high standards and tight deadlines
  • Experience in working on pre-opening planning
    • Security, Guest Services and Box Office (Ticketing)
      • RFP for PT Event Staff (Direct hire or 3rd party contracted service)
      • Space and Venue Preparation
      • Dot matrix map of all positions, shifts, rates, etc.
      • Magnetometers, Wands, Bag Check, Setup, etc.
        • Develop Best Practices in conjunction with Regulatory Agencies
      • RFP for ticketing services
      • Ticket Scanning, Ticket Resolutions
      • Ingress and Egress (Crowd Flow)
      • Knowledge of ADA Standards
  • Pleasant and Experienced Front of House (FOH) manager with the ability to connect with management, clients, guests, employees, etc.
  • Experience in event budgeting
  • Availability to work extended hours, weekends, nights, holidays, etc. in the ever changing Event business
  • Passionate, entrepreneurial and dedicated to success