Director Construction Management

Las Vegas

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Director Construction Management
The Howard Hughes name is synonymous with entrepreneurial vision, tenacity and a pioneering spirit—values still embodied by The Howard Hughes Corporation today. While Hughes’ passion for aviation and the silver screen are legendary, it was his investment in real estate that forms the bedrock of the company.  At the core of our DNA we believe we can Make Life Extraordinary.  We strive to embody these same qualities for every individual that our company touches, from stakeholders to partners, from consumer to shareholder.
We believe in “Thinking Big” at The Howard Hughes Corporation.   We demand excellence and an unrelenting dedication to success.  Our mission is to be the pre-eminent developer and operator of master planned communities and mixed-use properties in the United States.  We create timeless places and memorable experiences that inspire people while driving sustainable, long-term growth and value. We create environments where people want to live, work, shop, dine and play from coast to coast.
Under the supervision of the Senior Vice President of Construction, the Director of Construction provides leadership and oversight for the day-to-day operations for all Construction, Project Management and Project Administration activities associated with the development of lifestyle centers, office buildings and urban, mixed-use redevelopment projects.  The Director of Construction must be able to perform hands-on management of project planning, design, permitting and other regulatory approvals and inspections, preconstruction & construction, move-in/occupancy tasks successfully in a fast-paced environment. 
The Director is required to demonstrate the ability to prioritize multiple tasks and demands, and to supervise a highly skilled team of outside Construction Manager/General Contractors, Design Consultants Owner Representative, Testing & Inspection, Expediting and other Consultants/Services as well as in-house support personnel. Other responsibilities to include, but not limited to conducting focal performance review, coaching/mentoring, and providing technical support to the direct report staff members, while managing various sizes and volumes of projects from pre-construction planning through build out, space occupancy phases, including project closeout with financial reconciliation.

The Director must also have experience and the ability to lead a large-scale “greenfield” design and construction project from inception to land acquisition, construction and final move in. He/she must have executive leadership ability to work across the entire company to facilitate cross-functional coordination of ideal work space design, campus amenities, and space optimization.

This individual will serve as the primary stakeholder and a single point of contact for coordinating Design & Construction responsibilities with third party consultants, contractors, vendors, governmental agencies, and will act as liaison between internal cross functional technical teams and Corporate Services/Global Real Estate leadership team. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the Global Design & Construction team, the Director is primarily responsible for overseeing and maintaining GRE project cost analysis, Project Appropriate Requests (PAR’s) project financial/budget, construction schedules along with forecasting and analyzing issues which may impact the department's goals & objectives. This position requires the Director to conduct frequent progress meetings with CS/GRE team members, all involved parties as well as attending monthly global project review meeting with the senior CS/GRE leadership team.
Pre-Construction Phase:
  1. Review GC’s detailed construction budget and schedule.
  2. Participate in all project consultation meetings.
  3. Work with the design team to achieve timely completion of coordinated documents meeting the respective design milestone parameters for each stage of the design. 
  4. Review Construction Documents (“CDs”) for completeness, compliance with design milestone requirements, and constructability assumptions
  5. Evaluate GC and third party construction cost estimates
  6. Assist in tracking LEED certification requirements. 
  7. Assist with all Project permit applications, through processing and issuance by the County of Honolulu (the “County”), or agencies of the State of Hawaii (the “State”).   
  8. Evaluate and manage procurement of long lead items in accordance with the GC schedule.
  9. Review GCs site logistics and overall construction planning in regard to cost, schedule, regulatory, and safety factors, in order to identify and mitigate adverse impact on the site and surrounding uses. 
Construction Phase: 
  1. Work with the design consultants, the GC, and trade subcontractors to finalize unresolved design issues
  2. Monitor and update the Project FF&E budget. Coordinate procurement, consolidation, shipment, delivery, and installation of Project FF&E.
  3. Manage the selection and procurement of necessary third party consultant services for surveying, archeological review, special inspections, materials/soils testing, etc.   Assist in negotiating the terms and conditions of all resulting agreements, and assemble contracts as required.
  4. Attend and document all Owner / Architect / Contractor meetings.
  5. Establish and maintain comprehensive system for construction document control.
  6. Establish project tracking logs, including those required for RFIs, ASIs/CCDs, design clarifications, material submittals, change orders, Certificates of Insurance, etc.  Ensure timely processing and response for all time sensitive project documentation.
  7. Monitor and, where necessary, assist in the coordination of onsite activity, including, but not limited to, demolition, utilities installation, general site work, temporary installations and power, vertical construction, exterior and interior renovations and finish work, telecom/data coordination, MEP and Technology systems commissioning, OFCI installation, FF&E installation, and punch list corrections.
  8. Monitor progress relative to the GC’s CPM Project Schedule.  Review monthly updates to ensure coherent sequencing and logic, and compliance with contractual milestone requirements.  Where necessary, obtain recovery schedules, including sequence and logic modifications to address areas of critical path impact.  Proactively identify and mitigate areas of potential Owner caused impact.
  9. Schedule and coordinate all third party inspections required for the Project.
  10. Closely monitor GC’s QC/QA programs to ensure that execution of the Work is in compliance with Project quality standards, as well as regulatory and Contract requirements.   Work with GC to ensure completion of an early model unit to establish Project quality standards. 
  11. Review and make payment recommendations on all consultant and contractor payment applications and / or invoices.  Periodically update cash flow projections based on actual construction progress.
  12. Review contractor change order requests for both entitlement and pricing.  Assist in negotiate of final CO amounts.
  13. Construct and maintain a Budget Status Report, therein tracking the status of all contracts, P.O.s, including committed and JTD costs.  This report will include bridges establishing an audit trail from the original Development Budget to any subsequent Budget Update.
  14. Assemble Monthly Project Reports for the Project, including the following components:
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Budget Status / Forecast
    3. Investment and Contingency Bridges
    4. Opportunities and Risks Summary
    5. Project Schedule Status
    6. Construction Progress Photos
  15. Review submittals to ensure compliance with Plans, Specifications and overall Contract requirements.  
  16. Review of proposed substitutions and/or Value Engineering to ensure that the implementation of such proposals does not adversely affect the Project’s quality standards.
  17. Review & monitor RFI submissions and ensure prompt consultant turnaround of responses.
  18. Manage required Operations staff training, systems commissioning, and turnover of the Property to the AOAO operations group
  19. Manage the Closeout of the project, including final resolution of all punch list work, finalize outstanding contract change orders, obtain final lien releases, review O&M / warranty documentation, and process disbursement of retained funds. 
  • Bachelor degree either in Construction Management, Architecture, or Industrial Engineering
  • Must have minimum ten (10) years of construction project management experience
  • Must have experience leading a large scale mixed-use construction project
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and experience in managing a team of technical staff
  • Must have a knowledgeable understanding of architecture design development, construction documents, and MEP engineering specifications
  • Capable of managing from a simple interior improvements/renovation job, through a multi-million dollars complex construction projects of office, production and lab spaces in large campus sites or within high rise buildings in all regions
  • Must have in-depth understanding and knowledge of industry standard construction process, including scheduling, standard cost estimating tools, building materials and construction methodologies in all regions
  • Must have the ability to work in a team environment while leading the project team from conceptual design through completion of multiple projects
  • Understanding of CM/PM standard processes and applying best practices in concept design/planning through complete construction, closeout, commissioning, and space occupancy coordination phases
  • Possess excellent written/oral communications and presentation skills, and effectively interact with internal/external stakeholders and leadership team
  • Understanding local/regional/ construction and safety code compliances
  • Relevant experience in generating RFI/RFQ, SOW, lab specifications, value engineering worksheet, project budgeting, construction cost estimate, accounting and financial reconciliation
  • Relevant experience in working with local/regional architects, designers, MEP engineers, structural/seismic & specialty professional engineers
  • Proven successful in managing and delivering cross-functional tasks with effective liaison between Corporate Services, EH&S, IT, Security, Procurement, and Facilities Maintenance teams, including external contractors, vendors, professional consultants, and Fire/Building/Planning/governmental agencies
  • Proven ability to assess risks and take action to minimize/mitigate potential impacts to HHC business
  • Proficient with Windows operating systems, business applications and standard MS Project software
  • Proven ability to multitasking and managing multiple projects in multiple sites
  • Proven ability to conduct site surveys, perform frequent quality control meetings, review space plans/construction drawings/shop drawings and lab submittals
  • Must have ability to identify problems and resolve issues in a quick and timely manner
  • Must have excellent people skills and possess the ability to diffuse tense situations with contractors, vendors, and employees